Waterproof Bike Frame Bag with Phone Holder


Waterproof Bike Frame Bag Handlebar Phone Holder, Good Storage for Commuting and Touring Phone case for Cell Phone Below 6.5″ iPhone X 8 7 6s 6 Plus 5s / Samsung Galaxy s8 s7

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Product Description

BMS EcoFit Waterproof Bike Bag and mobile phone mount to suit 6.5 inch Phones. For Mountain Road or Commuter Cyclists

Part of the BMS EcoFit commuter range, this product is designer to help the commuting cyclist navigate there way to and from work. Of course, it is also ideal for the recreational mountain biker, or road cyclist.

It is very durable, made of an ultralight rubberized material with heavy duty zips that the ensure water will not get to your phone, or the storage compartment.

It is just the right size to have enough storage, without being so big as to get in the way of your knees while riding. It tucks in behind the head stem, so doesn’t cause alot of wind drag that will slow you down

The high sensitivity TPU touch screen protector means you can use your phone while riding. The sun visor makes the screen easily readable so you can use your GPS on your journey

There are 3 strongly fixed velcro straps that fix the bag firmly in place so it doesn’t move around or shake, even descending a bumpy trail on a Mountain Bike

At 155g, you don’t need to feel you are carrying more weight than required

How to install:

1. Fix the velcro on the front end of the bag to the head tube

2. Fix foremost velcro strap (which is longer) to the top tube, or all the way around the down tube if necessary

3. Fix the read strap on the underside of the bag to the top tube

4. Check the bag is secure

5. Go for a ride!

Returns Policy

We never want any customer to be unhappy with any of our products. If this product is unsuitable for your purpose, damaged in any was on arrival, or doesn’t perform in the way you expect, contact us, and we will organise a refund, or replacement product

Additional information


High sensitive TPU film window helps you use cellphone easily while riding, great way to see your activity while using GPS and maps on a ride. Perfect compatible with iPhone X 8 7 6s 6 plus 5s / Samsung Galaxy s8 s7 note 7 Cellphone below 6 inches.


WATER PROOF MATERIAL & HEAVY DUTY ZIPPER – Heavy duty construction, and waterproof materials will keep you phone, wallet, and whatever else you want to fit in the bag dry in the worst weather you find yourself riding in


Store your phone, power pack, headphones, car keys, wallet and some nutrition


3 velco straps fix bag firmly in place fixing to the top tube, and head tube. The front velcro strap has extra length to reach around the down tube if necessary


Helps keep the screen readable on sunny days


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